Merchant White label Solution

Merchant White label Solution


Our PoS

Our clients can rely on our cutting-edge point of-sale devices,
designed to deliver unparalleled durability, security, and speed.

All core features of our PoS Terminals

Fast & Secure Transfers

Posses the capability to instantly send and receive money from any bank at an affordable rate

Compatible with all cards

Our POS terminal are compactable with VISA, Verve and Master Card.

24/7 Support

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Sales Manager

Unleash your financial independence and
take control of your earnings!

With Our POS Terminals you possess the authority and
autonomy to maximize your earnings by offering financial services within your community.

TV Subscription

Now, you can conveniently pay for your TV subscription directly through the POS. This feature enables you to offer a one-stop solution to customers, allowing them to easily renew their TV subscriptions.


You now have the power and freedom to maximize your earnings by providing financial services to your community. In addition to that, you can conveniently pay your electricity bill using our POS system.


Our POS terminals now offer the convenience of paying for internet services. You can effortlessly settle your internet bills directly through the POS, ensuring a seamless and efficient payment experience.

Deposit & Withdrawal

With the ability to provide deposit and withdrawal services to all customers in your neighborhood.


Customers can conveniently recharge their mobile phones by simply visiting your establishment and making the payment through the POS terminal.

Check Balance

You can easily check your balance on the POS terminal, allowing you to stay informed about your account's funds and manage your finances effectively.

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