Merchant White label Solution

Merchant White label Solution

Use Cases

Use Cases

At ErrandPay, we collaborate closely with founders and financial institutions
to create innovative products that revolutionize the ease of payment collection,
surpassing even alphabetical simplicity.

ErrandPay for MFB

We help microfinance banks take
banking services and products
to the people via agency banking
and merchants.

ErrandPay for MFIs

Leverage our white label platform
for loan disbursement and collection
with PoS terminals

ErrandPay for StartUps

We enjoy working with founders whose
priority is to go to market super-fast

ErrandPay for Fintech

Starting a fintech has never been easier,
we have reduced the barriers you
may face while building

ErrandPay for Agents

Start your agency banking business
in 24 hours, completely white-labeled

ErrandPay for Merchants

Earn money when you receive cash.
Errandpay allows you to easily convert your cash
to digital balance regardless of the location

Start your Fintech business today

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